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So we were convinced by Robbie the Heart of Supreme 70s to ride to Born Free at the end of June this year since niether Sosa or I have been. Instead of doing the logical thing and finishing up a few of the personal builds we already have laying around the shop we of course decide to start two brand new builds and do what we seem to do best and deprive ourselves of sleep for the 2 months prior. So after calling in a few favors and create some new favors owed heres the progress we’ve made in the last few weeks of after hours.

We started with a trip to Scooter Gary’s to pick up a 78 swingarm shovel that our buddy Dre “donated” to Sosa’s build. While we were there I managed to finally talk Scoot of a nose cone shovel I’ve been trying to get since years ago when we shared a shop.

Since we’re on a time crunch I decided against building a frame for this one and was lucky enough to score this Santee frame from my buddy Danny at Elzy Cycles. He hated the nickle plating so was willing to trade for some parts.

Special thanks to Mike “TRM” Blitz for the peanut tank we started with!

The frame is off to get sandblasted so no progress on this one till it comes back.

I’ve been on a kick lately of wanting to split and side mount every tank I get my hands on so this one is of course no different.

Oil tank was too wide and hung outside the frame so I split it and took an inch out of it so it would look right. Also took the unnecessary chunk off of the bottom so the oil tank has the same thick – thin look as the gas tanks.

More to come soon!



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