This is the bike we built for Discovery Channels #BikerLive show.  It’s a 1966 Harley FL motor that’s been bored and stroked to 93″ , fully polished and engraved, topped off with split rockers and an SU carb.  We used an FXR transmission case and were lucky enough to have the guys at Baker Drivetrain build us a custom short shaft 6 speed gear set.  The frame is built using the rear cast portion of a Shovelhead swingarm frame, a Knucklehead neck casting, Shovelhead seat post casting. The Softail style rear swingarm uses rigid Panhead axle castings and a Softail style air ride shock was mounted under the transmission. The drivetrain was rubber mounted using original Harley FXR pivot blocks and front mount that are attached to handmade frame mounting brackets.  The fenders, oil tank, dash and seat pan were hand formed out of aluminum then polished and engraved.  The paint is multiple basecoat colors faded together with layers of candy over top to create the flawless fade from deep teal to black.

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