Pelionero is the bike that put us and our style on the map and that was our intention!  This is the third incarnation of this bike as she started for us as just a simple 1st bike for our own Daniel Sosa.  Her first look was a candy blue frame with black tins, 21″ front, tall bars, fishtails and long fenders. That lasted about a year before Sosa couldn’t stand it not being shiny and chrome so the second tear down began.  She was then transformed into the bike known as “Refried Dreams”. This time around we chromed the frame, stretched the factory rear fender, full polished the motor, built new bars. We also chromed and engraved the gas tanks, bars and fiashtails then covered the sheetmetal in solid blue flake. We got a few good years of riding out of this version before the crossover tube on the right side tank broke off while on a trip. The bike sat in the corner for a few weeks while we looked for time to fix it.  With us that is always a bad idea because that gave us time to think about what could be changed or re-done.  So once a few ideas had been exchanged we began to tear a perfectly good bike apart. We knew this would be the last time so we better make it worth it and make it something people would have to notice and appreciate regardless of your style tastes. Over the next 10 months we made her transformation from “Refried Dreams” super clean daily cruiser into “Pelionero” full show turntable motorcycle that still sees the street on a regular basis!

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